The level of sophistication and resources required to continually stalk someone via computers, wireless and land-line telephones and other means is extraordinarily high. The known dark web hacker is an expert in Unix and Mac OX and 15 years ago, he told me with pride that another one of his clients was one of the first to stream pornography online! He does have a bizarre sense of humor as he changed my Facebook profile photo with a photo of our rabbi!

Here are 2 photos of my iPhone. On the left, you will see the normal communication from Google when using 2-step verification. Each code is unique and used only one time and sent via text. Notice the 5 digit telephone number, also correct. The photo on the right shows that over a long period of time, I was receiving the same code and it was send from a listed, complete telephone number. The number was flagged as a known, spam/fraud hacker site and I was not the only victim.


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