Throughout the improbable journey of documenting this experience for the FBI and subsequently, during the writing of this book, the most common question that I’ve received from my family, friends, computer experts, a psychiatrist and others is: “what would motivate a hacker/stalker to keep up this non-stop effort for 15 years?”.

The short answer is greed and jealousy in the mind of a twisted, sick, person who was the leader of a corporate coup enabled by a dark-web hacker. They took advantage of my near-death experience and absence from the company that I founded in 1988 to put their devious plan into action. Imagine that every e-mail, telephone call and other communication was reviewed by a third party and manipulated to cause your reputation and business maximum damage.

When caught red-handed with an external drive downloading our intellectual property, one of the culprits said,”you have NO idea what stalking is…”. He was right, but at last I know the truth and I’m dedicated to helping others prevent this from happening to them.

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