Gary L. Berman, Author & Speaker

“One day, I decided to
be the victim no longer,
to fight back and help
others live free from the
specter of cyber
                   -Gary Berman

The incredible true story from the victim of a15-year cyberstalk. It can happen to you.

During Gary’s distinguished 30-year career as a research and marketing professional, nothing has been as challenging—or as downright scary—as his experience being the victim of a 15-year cyber-stalk. His forthcoming book, St@lking on Air, describes the impact of this crime on his business and his family,and details 7 steps that every household and home-based business must take to minimize the risks and enjoy the benefits of living in a connected world.Gary’s unique perspective as a layperson in the complex, jargon-filled world of cyber security will help you make sense of the issue in everyday terms, weavingthrough milestones in his personal experience to suggest interventions and solutions

Are you prepared?

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Gary’s Background

Gary Berman is CEO of C-Suite Consulting. The group’s mission is to open the csuite doors of Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses looking for access for strategic partnerships and business development activities. During Gary’s 30-year career, he has been a leading voice on America’s changing demographics and the implications across our social, political and economic landscape.Gary has authored seminal studies on multicultural markets and has played an essential role in building bridges between those markets and Fortune 500 companies. His past clients include AT&T, Best Buy, Ford, General Motors,
Kellogg’s, P&G, The White House and hundreds more. His pioneering reports include “A Portrait of the New America” and the “Multicultural Market Reports.”Gary has been a sought-out speaker at industry conferences and currently teaches his “Elevate, Align & Accelerate” business development approach

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